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Planning for a Database Migration

To be announced.

An organization does not set out to have several different database platforms yet that is exactly the position that you find yourselves in today. Through mergers, acquisitions, or simply old applications that have survived longer than originally expected, companies often have a mixture of different databases. Although the older databases may have served you well, now could be the time to plan to decommission them.

The Gartner Group published a paper In August of 2005 warning users of legacy databases (Datacom, IDMS, Supra, Adabas and IMS) that they should develop, at a minimum, a five year plan to move off of those platforms. Are you ready?

Do you have your plan in place to migrate to a relational database like DB2?
Are you considering migration off of your older database but are afraid of the risks and potentially large application conversion costs?
Are you finding that your old database platform is no longer capable of meeting your current business objectives?
Do you pay over $10,000 per month in software license charges for your legacy database and associated tools?
Is it getting more difficult to find staff that are skilled in the older technologies?
Has ongoing data replication/duplication/reformatting from your older databases to DB2 been an issue over the last few years?
Would you like to enhance the functionality of existing applications by taking advantage of Web Services, XML VB, Java, C, C# or .NET?
Are you considering moving completely off of the mainframe platform?
If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions, this conference call will be of interest to you!

Lightyear Consulting has been involved with helping mainframe customers for years. This call will discuss the process of planning for a database migration and how automation can make the conversion faster, less risky and less expensive.!
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