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  The next meeting for the San Francisco Area DB2 User Group will be held at:  
  IBM 4000 Executive Parkway, Suite # 300 San Ramon, CA 94583.  
  November 1st, 2005 (10:00 am - 3:00 PM)  
  Register for meeting (Lunch will be provided).  
  Presentations: (PDF format)  
  #1, The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly - DSNZPARM  
  #2 Dynamic SQL Re-Examined  
  #3 The Best Defense  
Topics presented:  
Planning a V8 Migration  
The best way to protect your DB2 for z/OS investment is to aggressively prepare for the next release. Just because migrating to DB2 for z/OS Version 8 may only be a dream today, that is no reason to put off the planning and preparation for your almost guaranteed move to you will have to make to Version 8 tomorrow. There are lots of things you can do today to get ready for that eventual migration tomorrow. This presentation will review and discuss the task available while on Version 7 (or before) so you are in the right shape to do a Version 8 migration.  
Dynamic SQL Examined
Is dynamic SQL really bad?  The DB2 answer is, of course, it depends!   There is a place for everything, including dynamic SQL.  You just need to know When’s and How’s to use it successfully.   This presentation gives you that information.   Come hear how to use dynamic SQL, the different types of dynamic SQL, and what DB2 for z/OS has done to help make dynamic SQL perform as well as possible.
The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly: DSNZPARMs
It seems more articles attempt to introduce the DB2 community to a favorite DSNZPARM.  This can turn into the classical “good new, bad news” joke.  This presentation examines the “truth” about those hidden, not so hidden (opaque), and completely exposed DSNZPARMs.   It will discuss which parameters can be safely changed to enhance your DB2’s behavior and which parameters you are better off just leaving alone.  If you give this presentation a listen, you will leave with the ability to separate the facts from the fiction the next time someone speaks ZPARM to you.
Speaker: Willie Favero – Senior Certified IT Software Specialist – DB2 for z/OS Specialist
Between IMS/VS DB/DC, Cincom's Total and Supra, IDMS, and DB2, he has over 29 years experience working with database. However, Willie has spent his last 21 years working primarily with the DB2 family. His responsibilities include consulting to IBM's customers on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390, DB2 tools, and PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, and WebSphere from DB2's perspective.
This is Willie's second career with IBM. Before rejoining IBM, Willie was a Principal Consultant for BMC Software, Inc.
Prior to his stay at BMC, Willie was a Senior Instructor with IBM education for 11 years. He developed and delivered DB2 courses for IBM's Customers, IBM System Engineers, IBM internal sites, and for the DB2 developers and DB2 Level 2 Support at the IBM Santa Teresa Lab (now Silicon Valley Labs). Previous to joining IBM (his first IBM career), Willie spent over ten years as an IBM customer.
Register for November 1st meeting
Download meeting presentations when available
Previous Meetings
February 23rd, 2005
JAVA and C DB2 WLM Stored Procedures
Download Gary Roth's presentation - (PDF format 300KB).
Development Center Advanced Topics for DB2 for z/OS
Download Peggy Rader's presentation - (PDF format 1.5MB).
Topics: September 15, 2004
SOX, SOA, and SarbOx and IT - What does it mean to DB2?
Speaker: Gary Deneszczuk – Senior Enterprise Technical Consultant – Compuware - Download
A Practical Solution that Facilitates Database Compliance to Security Mandates and Industry Initiatives - Download
Speaker: Ulf T. Mattsson – Chief Technology Officer – Protegrity
Topics: June 23rd, 2004
“Powerful SQL: Past, Present & Future”
Speaker: Sheryl M. Larsen – President – Sheryl M. Larsen, Inc.
Download presentation material for June 23rd, 2004
Topics: January 27th 2004 meeting:
DB2 for z/OS V8 Technical Overview
Migration to DB2 for z/OS V8
Download presentation material for January 27th, 2004
PDF format 106kb Powerpoint presentation 132kb
Powerpoint viewer
Download October 14th meeting topic presentations:
Crossing Over/Breaking Down the DB2 Platform Barrier (PDF Format 718kb)
DB2 Information Integrator Version 8.1: A Technical Overview (PDF Format 2.89mb)
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  The San Francisco area DB2 User group is being organized by Paul Bocks of Lightyear Consulting. Please call Paul at (925)-283-1025 for more information.
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