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Lightyear Services
  Technology Independent Services: Application Construction Related Services
  Database Migration/Data Conversion - Datacom to DB2, VSAM to DB2, IMS to DB2 using DL/2
Analysis of installed inventory / Business Analysis
Design of new systems
Project management
Development management
Turn-key construction or skilled programmers by the hour/day
Management of internal and/or external/3rd party resources
  Web Enablement Related Services
Business Analysis
Proposal / Analysis of Options
WebSphere related services
Website design, construction & amendments
Web hosting, database integration backend services (DB2, WebSphere)
Web based systems design / build using one or more of following technologies:
  IBM WebSphere Host-on-Demand
  IBM WebSphere Host Publisher
  IBM VisualAge for Java / WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  JSP, EJB, Java, Java 2, J2EE
  Wireless Related Services
Business Analysis
Proposal / Analysis of Options
Project management
Wireless based system design/construction using one or more of the following technologies:
  VME (VisualAge Micro Edition)
  PalmOS with C and/or C++ and/or Java
  N3270E 3270 Emulator
  CICS Wireless Connector for PalmOS
  IMS Wireless Connector for PalmOS
  Lightyear Certified Analysts
WebSphere Application Server
VisualAge for Java
MQSeries / WebSphere MQSeries
WebSphere Host-on-Demand
Server Consolidation
To find out more about any of the services listed here, or to inquire about any of your IBM and Java software needs for OS/390 & z/OS, Windows and UNIX platform applications leveraging DB2, CICS, IMS and WebSphere, please contact Lightyear Consulting at 650-326-7212 or email
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