Developing Cross-Platform DB2 Stored Procedures: SQL Procedures and the DB2 Stored Procedure Builder, SG24-5485-00  
This redbook is intended for DB2 application developers who are familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL) and stored procedures, and who want to learn about developing stored procedures in the SQL Procedures language, as well as using and exploring the Stored Procedure Builder (SPB). Our discussion particularly applies to Version 6 of DB2 Universal Database Server for OS/390, for AS/400, and for distributed platforms, Version 5 of DB2 Server for OS/390, and other current versions and releases of IBM products.

First, we present the evolution of the IBM stored procedures support, describing in detail the new stored procedures language, SQL Procedures; and the new tool, Stored Procedure Builder.

In addition, we cover the implementation of these new features across platforms such as OS/390, Windows, and UNIX. The sample SQL stored procedures programs implemented during this project are documented in detail. Most of those samples are delivered with the SPB product. The sample SQL stored procedures programs illustrate the theory discussed in this redbook. These programs are useful for getting started with the SQL Procedures language in your own environment and gaining some hands-on experience on whatever platform you may have.

The support for the SQL Procedures language provides the customer with the facility for developing their stored procedures in a standard and portable language across the DB2 family and OEM DBMSs.
  Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The SQL Procedures language
Chapter 3. The DB2 Stored Procedure Builder
Chapter 4. SQL Procedures for DB2 UDB for OS/390
Chapter 5. SQL Procedures for DB2 UDB for UNIX, Windows, OS/2
Chapter 6. SQL Procedures for DB2 UDB for AS/400
Appendix A. Sample SQL stored procedure programs
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