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Lightyear Consulting is a database and application software conversion company. We use proprietary technology to allow companies and organizations to realize the lowest price for Total Cost of Ownership in the areas of maintenance, conversion and test. Find out more about the G4s (GeForce) technology available through Lightyear Consulting.

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Lightyear is able to offer premium database and application conversion, migration and analysis, testing and documentation services utilizing the G4s (Geforce) system . To find out more about the G4s Technolgy click here

G4 Migrator - offering a migration strategies for all your legacy databases - Lightyear has the ability to allow your legacy databases to be migrated to any relational database.


Special Features

Lightyear Technology - G4s

G4s provides for an advanced and widely applicable toolset for Analyses, Documentation, Maintenance, Conversion and Testing of application systems.

Lightyear is specialized in the area of automatic Documentation, Analyses, Conversion & Migration of legacy applications.

With the profound inquisitive tools that have evolved since 1988, we can tackle very complex legacy applications in various ways. The functionality of the tools is deployed differently in every situation. Some examples are given below.

With G4s (Geforce) the customer regains control and saves cost in the area of:

  • Application Maintenance & Control
  • Migration & Conversion
  • Source Analysis & Documentation
  • Project Control & Quality Assurance
  • Static & Dynamic Testing
  • Audit & Second Opinion
  • Outsourcing & Outtasking Support
  • Strategic Component Reuse & Recycling

One of the characteristics of the G4s tools is the fact that they are completely configurable, which means that the kernel of the process (parsing) is operational within 2 to 3 weeks for an unknown computer language. Until now we have processed approximately 40 languages. This leads to an ongoing quickness in market reaction. The analyzed data is stored in a database, the G4/Repository. From this point on every possible question the customer might have can be answered based on approximately 100 default queries like CRUD, Flowchart and Business-rule extraction. Customized queries can be added of course.

Documentation and Analysis are supportive in fully automated Conversion & Migration projects. By means of G4/Repository and G4/Analysor these complex processes are under control.

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